Fear-free Visit


The Eco-Dentistry Association recently posted a great list of 6 ways to keep the fear monster at bay!
  1. It’s sunny in here. That’s right. For children, their parents are like the weather: if you’re sunny, they’re sunny. So keep your conversations and “vibe” around dental visits positive. According to a recent Spanish study, a father’s feelings about the dentist are particularly impactful, so keep smiling dads! 
  2. Try a “Starter Visit”. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends the first dental visit before the first birthday, so consider bringing your infant to your routine teeth cleaning. Have the child rest comfortably on you while the hygienist does her or his work, and the place won’t be unfamiliar when it’s yout children’s turn. 
  3. Watch your words. As every parent knows, kids are perfect mimics; try to avoid using words like “shot” or “hurt” when talking about the dentist. Dentists who are good with kids know this too, and use phrases like “Mr. Freezy” for the numbing agent. 
  4. Break the children in easy. Parents should be brushing a child’s teeth as soon as the first one pokes through. Making daily teeth brushing a game and getting the little one used to someone poking around in their mouth will make them more at ease in the dental chair. 
  5. Provide security. If your child has a favourite toy or blanket, bring that with you to their dental visits. The comfort of a familiar item is a great counter-balance to the unfamiliar sounds and smells. 
  6. Choose your dentist wisely. It’s important to select a dentist who shares the parent’s values and medical approach.