First Visit

Children's first dental experience can impact their oral care in the future.  For most people who are afraid or dislike going to the dentist, it it likely attributable to a terrible dental experience they had as a child.  At Riverpark, we like to provide your child with a great first experience.    To this date, our approach has been very successful (see testimonials)

Have Fun at the Dentist

Kermit.jpgWhen your child comes to a dentist for the first time, he or she has no reason to be afraid.  We make it fun for them.  We ride the chair up and down, play with 'Mr. Thirsty' and watch movies while they sit in the dental chair.  It is an opportunity for your child and you to see the practice, meet our team and determine whether or not this is where you would like your child's oral health journey to begin.  You and your child will meet the dentist who will discuss your child's particular situation and any concerns you have.  You will have a choice if you would like your child to be seen by Dr. Abdul (a foreign-trained pediatric dentist) or one of our other dentists who deal with children.   

Treatment Planning

Our Treatment Education Centre is designated specifically for that purpose.  Once we understand your unique situation, we will work with you to determine an action plan that fits your goals and constraints.  Through videos, computer animations and other hands-on tools, you will understand exactly what is being done and feel confident to co-design your dental treatment.  We are never tired of your questions.