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West London Children Dentist - Byron Ontario


Monster.jpgGetting your child to sit still in a chair and open their mouth to a stranger is not easy. In order to continue to provide our youngest patients with the care a children-friendly practice was not enough. We needed to develop a pediatric practice.

We have two general dentists, Dr. Doaa Alnaggar and Dr. Angela Ma who are wonderful with children.

We are also very fortunate to have Dr. Abdul, a foreign-trained pediatric specialist who is licensed as a general dentist in Ontario.  Dr. Abdul dedicated his entire life not only to helping little smiles but also assisted in the area of pediatric research. Dr. Abdul works with children who are beyond our general dentists' comfort zone and provide coaching and mentoring to our general dentists. During your initial consultation you will have the opportunity to decide which dentist will be the best fit for your child.

We offer sedation, however we prefer not to use it until it is absolutely necessary. We believe that a relaxing atmosphere, fun environment and sufficient time to get comfortable with the dental team and the surroundings can replace sedation in many cases.